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The Immigration issue is very important for every American citizen. Since the jobs recovery began in 2010, 43 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants. Both legal and illegal immigrants are competing with American citizens for the available jobs and many times the immigrants win because they are willing to work for lower wages. Huge corporations, who have the politicians in their back pockets, lobby for the increased influx of both legal and illegal aliens because this inflates the labor market and causes the suppression of wages. All tax payer supported programs must be for American citizens only. The United States must not be a magnet for immigrants who want to live off tax payer funded programs. Please read the stance that your local government has taken and has communicated to our federal legislators.

Immigration 08/10/15

Tax payer money going to fund an organization like Planned Parenthood is insanity. Especially since we see that they violate federal law, with impunity, against human body parts trafficking. They cut up babies and sell their body parts to the highest bidder. Joseph Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor who was called , "The Angel of Death," would be very proud of this group. The most disturbing thing is that decent Americans allow this type of barbarous behavior to go on right under our noses without speaking a word against it. And we have the gall to blame the German people for not stopping Hitler! See the stance of the Morgan County Government articulated by the following resolution.
Planned Parenthood 08/10/15
Response from Governor Bill Haslam 08/31/15
Response from Senator Lamar Alexander 09/01/15

The Supreme Court decision creating state sanctioned homosexual marriage  will bring persecution and inhibited freedom of expression for Christians who are traditional, Bible believers. Without laws to protect them, Bible believers will suffer from a loss of opportunity in careers that will now violate their religious conscience. Bible believers will become second class citizens and will invariably be discriminated against because they disagree with this new definition of marriage. This country and its laws stem directly from the protestant form of Christianity and the English common law which developed over centuries. The United States was founded and populated with Christians who believed the Bible, not as an allegorical piece of literature, but as the Word from the Creator God. We now call upon our legislators to sculpt laws to protect those, in whatever vocation they choose to pursue,  who still believe as our forefather did when they formed the greatest nation in the history of mankind - The United States of America.  Also, see article under "more news" in the "Latest news" section.
 Same-Sex Marriage 06/30/15

The following resolution is a petition asking the Governor of Tennessee, the Honorable Bill Haslam, to not proceed with the use of the 28 day work schedule for Morgan County Correctional Complex security employees. We feel this will adversely affect the Morgan County employees and their families. 
MCCX 06/23/14

The following is a newspaper article by Morgan County Executive Don Edwards outlining the the argument against privatization of the prisons in Tennessee.  
Executive's Economy 02/19/14

This is a letter to Governor Haslam asking him to not privatize the prisons in Tennessee.
Letter to Governor Bill Haslam 03/19/14

Letter to Commissioner Of Tennessee Correction, the Honorable Derrick Schofield, concerning the 28 day work schedule and his response to me. 
Letter to Commissioner Schofield 07/24/14
Response from Commissioner Schofield 08/28/14