Executive Don Edwards meets with Governor Haslam and  Commissioner Schroer.

Executive Don Edwards recently met with the Department of Transportation Commissioner, John Schroer and Governor Bill Haslam to discuss the highway needs of Morgan County. Executive Edwards reviewed with the Governor and the Commissioner the absolute necessity of widening highway 62 from Petit Lane through Coalfield to the intersection of Highways 62 and 61 into Roane and Anderson Counties. Executive Edwards stressed that completion of the highway 62 four lane would open up Morgan County and is the key to more industrial expansion within the eastern portion of the county. The Highway 27 project, which will eventually four lane Highway 27  into Wartburg, was discussed as essential to the development of Morgan County to business interests and new residents. The highway 27 project has begun on the Roane County line and the first leg of the construction project will come to the junction of highways 328 and 27. 
Governor Haslam and Commissioner Schroer discussed the challenges with highway funding across the nation and their desire for a more stable revenue stream than is  provided by the the short term stop gap measures instituted by the Congress. A national transportation highway bill is needing to be passed in the Congress in order to provide more stability and allow for more long range planning for the highway infrastructure needs in our state.   
Executive Edwards was asked if the topic of prison issues was brought up and he said, "I am very concerned about the situation at our MCCX. My main concern is the health, safety, and welfare of the men and women who serve our Morgan County community by managing the state inmates day in and day out. I had the occasion to communicate to the Governor that I would love to have the opportunity to discuss these serious challenges that are manifesting themselves within our Department of Corrections." When quizzed about how the Governor responded, Edwards said that he did not receive a definitive reply as to when the Governor would speak with him on these matters. 

Governor Haslam