County Commission Meeting 7/23/18

Morgan County Commission Meeting
July 23,2018

1. Call to order                 Sheriff Glen Freytag
2. Roll Call                        County Clerk Cheryl Collins
3. Invocation                     Pastor Robert Freels
4. Pledge of Allegiance    Pastor Robert Freels
5. Citizen's Comments
6. Approval of Minutes and Trustee's Report
7. Notary Public: 
8. Mark Keck- MC VA Officer
9. Opioid Lawsuit
10. Sheriff's Lawsuit
11. Budget
         Budget- Randy Roberts
         Jail Mitigation Committee- Don Edwards
13. Other Business
14. Adjournment
Below is a link to watch the meeting incase you missed it.
County Commission Meeting 7/24/2018

Next County Commission Meeting will be held Aug.20th
We encourage everyone to attend!